Placemaking Graphics – Infusing identity into a 3 dimensional space

At its heart, placemaking is the art of turning “a place to be” into “the place to be”. With our experienced core staff and diverse talent pool, we can ensure that every element of the project – print, three-dimensional signage, wayfinding, graphic design, fixtures, interiors, and furnishings – works together to infuse a space with identity. Ten8 has worked on large themed projects both indoors, like the board-game themed Ursa’s Cafe at Washington University in St. Louis, and outdoors, like the refreshing seaside theme of The Waterfront at Seaworld in Orlando, Florida. For Ursa’s cafe, we wanted to create a dynamic, engaging space where students were able to meet up with friends, study, relax, and generally feel completely at home. The design features several subspaces – a funky club-type section with booths and pool tables, a bright retro soda fountain area, and a relaxing space filled with tables and cozy armchairs – so that students can choose a setting that matches their mood. For The Waterfront at Seaworld, our goal was to create a Mediterranean seaside village nestled within the Florida resort. From the color scheme to the sandblasted stones to the exterior signage on quaint shops along the cobblestone street, every element of the project transports visitors to a peaceful “city by the sea”.

Whatever the space you want to develop, you need a design firm that understands how to create a space visitors want to return to over and over. Ten8’s client collaborative design process means that we work to understand your vision for the space, then offer our expert guidance so that your vision is reflected in every color choice and design theme. This process also ensures that whatever the scope of the project, we understand your goals and objectives, provide you with unique design solutions, and create project deliverables that exceed your expectations. When you choose to work with Ten8 on a placemaking design project, you can be confident that we will be able to manage the project effectively and efficiently, leaving you free to spend your time in more important ways. Our core team’s 60-plus years of environmental graphic design and project management knowledge, combined with our extensive experience creating large themed environments both indoors and out, means that we’re able to handle a design project from start to finish.

Placemaking Project Images