Identity Graphics – Distilling missions and ideals into a communicative mark

Identity consulting and design is one of the first and most valuable services we offer to many of our clients. A clear understanding of your organization’s goals and purpose is at the core of any communication with your audience. At Ten8, we believe that an effective branding system should convey a consistent message about your identity and the promise you make to your audience. That’s why our identity design goes beyond simple logo development. We can create coordinated marketing collateral pieces across print, internet, and three-dimensional media, so that every communication with a client or prospect reinforces the strength and reliability of your brand. In addition to basic logo design, Ten8 can work with you to develop themes, colors, and stylistic elements which help to create an indelible brand image in your customer’s mind.

Your logo says a lot about your business. At Ten8, we’ve used our talent and versatility to develop logos and identity designs ranging from a striking black and white theme for a photographer’s business cards, brochures, and letterhead to funky flowers and cool green hues for an upscale clothing shop’s print collateral and exterior signage.

Identity Project Images