Why Choose Ten8?

Since 1997, Ten8 has been fortunate to work closely with a wide range of clients on projects ranging from interpretive plaques to complex, themed environmental districts. From universities to public transportation, we know that each project begins with a business seeking to establish a presence in their space and develop or strengthen a brand identity. We’re passionate about using design to solve problems and change the way people interact with their environment. Each new project is an opportunity to develop new relationships and bring our talents and experience to bear in order to create effective, enriching designs. The growth of our referral business has been a gratifying indication that we have been able to delight our customers by delivering great design, targeted solutions, and reliable performance.

When you select a design firm, you’re looking for a company that melds impeccable professionalism with a passion for design and an unerring instinct for styles that will remain fresh and engaging for the life of the project. Ten8 is that group. Our core team of designers has more than 60 years of combined experience in graphic design, allowing us to take control and manage a project from start to finish, or to step in and offer guidance and consulting for an existing or anticipated project.

We recruit talented designers with principal or senior level experience from a wide spectrum of industries, giving us access to a wealth of diverse opinions and perspectives on design. We believe in asking questions and listening carefully to the answers. This philosophy extends to every phase and facet of the project, leading to a client collaborative process which helps to get the feel of the design environment right the first time, every time. Whatever the scale of the project, we’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and requirements and provide you with a unique design solution to attract and engage your clients’ attention.

We’d love to hear from you today to find out how we can help transform your design environment.

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